Episode 1027 - Sleep Walk

Sleep Walk

June 17, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

The hardest part of sleepovers is getting comfy in someone else's home... :3

For those who missed it, new Blue Hawaii comic this weekend (as I am filling in for Deb who is away on a trip this week~) and new wallpaper up in the shop for the month of June! ♥

Comic Transcription

Sleep Walk

Panel 1: Anise is sleeping in bed and snoring loudly. Anpan is sleeping in his box. Vachel is sitting in the hamper.

Panel 2: Vachel gets up...

Panel 3: and wanders through the house.

Panel 4: He notices a note on the wall. "Boat Race! Enchanted Lake - Sunday 10am Love, Nemu"

Panel 5: Vachel takes the note down and takes a closer look.
Vachel: As I've always said, the important thing about any event is making a big splash.