Episode 1030 - Your Safety

Your Safety

June 24, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

On Vachel Airways, we care about your feelings. Yes, we do. The royal we.

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Comic Transcription

Your Safety

Panel 1: Anpan is sweating walking up a steep path up to the top of the hill. Vachel is gliding next to him. Anpan has his hiking shoes and a bottle of water.
Anpan: Why Vulture make Anpan WALK all da way up here for? Why not FLY Anpan up?
Vachel: You've got to be in shape to fly.

Panel 2: Vachel holds his wing out to stop Anpan from going any further.
Vachel: Okay. Hold up. You've got to go through security.
Anpan: Security?

Panel 3: Vachel explains what he means.
Vachel: Please remove all footwear and dispose of any liquids before proceeding to the gate. This is for YOUR safety.

Panel 4: Anpan holds his water bottle up in the air to protest.
Anpan: What?! But dis ish Anpan's water! And da ground ish DIRT! Anpan's feet gonna gets DIRTY!
Vachel: Doesn't matter. Rules are rules.

Panel 5: Vachel holds out Anpan's water bottle that he just gave Vachel. Anpan: GAH! Now what gonna do 'bouts shometing to drink?!
Vachel: Lucky you, I happen to have a bottle right here. $5 please.

Panel 6: Anpan is so upset he tosses his shoes into the air!
Anpan: $5?! But dats ANPAN'S water! Vulture! Why doin' dis?!?

Panel 7: Vachel explains while Anpan fumes!
Vachel: Because on Vachel Airways, we care about your feelings.

Panel 8: Anpan can't believe it!
Vachel: We were going for "feeling safer" but that's close enough. Ready to taxi on the runway for an hour?