Episode 1029 - Other Plans

Other Plans

June 21, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Yes, you gotta keep your eye on friends like Vachel. :3

Aloha Friday folks! That birdie ride and boat race is right around the corner! ★

Comic Transcription

Other Plans

Panel 1: Anise is getting ready to leave the house.
Anise: Nemu has been wondering if you're coming to see him at the big boat race today.
Anpan: Forgets it. Anpan and Vulture gots plans.

Panel 2: Anise tries to reason with Anpan. He holds the paw up to Ani while Vachel watches.
Anise: What's more important than seeing Nemu's big race? He's been working hard and he needs your support.
Anpan: Hrph. Maybe Nemu should come see ANPAN. Anpan ish gonna gets a birdie ride today! Anpan's gonna FLY! Ish gonna be AWESHOME.

Panel 3: Ani yells at Anpan. Vachel whispers to Anise...
Vachel: Now's your chance to open up a life insurance policy in Anpan's name.