Episode 1032 - Vachel Air

Vachel Air

June 28, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

But it's such a lovely view~~!

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Like so:

Comic Transcription

Vachel Air

Panel 1: Anpan is flying for the first time ever. Vachel is holding Anpan in his claws.
Anpan: Wow! Dis ish great!

Panel 2: Anpan looks down and he can see Nemu's boat race going on below.
Anpan: Vulture look! Can see Nemu's boat race from up here. Looks like he's winning!

Panel 3: Vachel flies while speaking with Anpan.
Vachel: Okay, we're approaching cruising altitude. You ready?
Anpan: Ready for wat?

Panel 4: Anpan looks up at Vachel.
Vachel: Remember what I taught you yesterday?
Anpan: Huh? Abouts flying? Yeah...
Vachel: Good.

Panel 5: Vachel lets go of Anpan!
Vachel: Flight test! Flap em if ya got em!
Anpan: Vulture! Wait!

Panel 6: Anpan tries to grab onto Vachel but can't.
Vachel: Thank you for flying Vachel Air. We hope you enjoy your flight!