Episode 1033: Pup Overboard

Pup Overboard

Close, but no banana!

* * *

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Comic Transcription

Pup Overboard

Panel 1: Nemu is in his boat and has a good lead on his opponents.
Announcer: and it looks like the Team Turtle is in the lead! Look at him go! Can the other teams catch them?

Panel 2: Nemu's team mate, a turtle give Nemu the status update.
Turtle: We're in the lead Nemu! Keep it up!
Nemu: Roger!

Panel 3: Suddenly in the distance Nemu hears a familiar voice out in the distance. He sees a red streak falling from the sky!
Nemu: Anpan?

Panel 4: Anpan hits the water hard!

Panel 5: Nemu gets on his radio to let his team know whats going on.
Nemu: Mayday! Mayday! Pup overboard! Pup overboard! Nemu gots to divert from da race!

Panel 6: Nemu races to the area that Anpan landed in.
Turtle teammate: Okay Nemu! Emergency crews are being deployed now!

Panel 7: Nemu throws his boat into overdrive to rescue Anpan.
Nemu: Anpan! Nemu ish coming!