Episode 1036 - Carry-on Items

Carry-on Items

Anpan has tried them all, and has come to his own conclusion!

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Comic Transcription

Carry-on Items

Panel 1: Anpan wobbles into the room, wrapped in a towel and is greeted by Vachel and Nemu.
Vachel: Hey, how was the spin cycle?
Nemu: Ish Anpan feelin' better? Gots all da botcha out?
Anpan: Guh...

Panel 2: Anpan explains to everyone what he experienced.
Anpan: Ish strange, but maybe flying and botcha ish ALMOST da same. Anpan thought was REALLY FLYING! But suddenly, it wasn't da sky at all!

Panel 3: Anise whispers to Anpan
Anise: Yeah - 'cause SOMEONE dropped you OUT of the sky, into the LAKE.

Panel 4: Vachel is quick to defend himself!
Vachel: Maybe he shouldn't have eaten that extra helping of pancakes this morning. Vachel airways has strict rules when it comes to the weight of carry-on items.