Episode 1037 - Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

July 10, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Hello? Who is it?

We'll be wrapping up Vachel's adventures on Friday and starting a whole new story on Monday!

To answer some of the comments from Monday's comic, I don't think Vachel intended to help Anpan get over his fear of water, but perhaps was an added bonus. :3

To be honest, I think Anpan will always have a deep-rooted fear of the botcha. But well, the poor pup has a lot of fears to tackle and facing them one-by-one certainly helps. :3

Comic Transcription

Call of the Wild

Panel 1: Nemu, Anpan and Vachel are finally getting a chance to talk
Nemu: So~~ Ish birdie gonna stick around?
Vachel: Well, us vultures answer to the call of the wild. When it calls, I must go.

Panel 2: Nemu has some ideas of things they could do.
Nemu: Birdie must shtay! Lotsa fun shtuff to do! Like play on the shwings!

Panel 3: Anpan also has an idea...
Anpan: No, no, Vulture can come and watch dem make da pizza at Pizza Hero!
SFX: *click*

Panel 4: Vachel whips out his cell phone as it seems like he has an incoming call
SFX: *buzz* *buzz*
Vachel: Whoa WHOA~! Hold that thought. I have to take this.

Panel 5: Vachel answers the call.
Vachel: Hello? Oh. Okay. Be right there.

Panel 6: Vachel tells the pups the bad news.
Anpan: Who dat?
Vachel: The wild. Time to go.