Episode 1038 - Hasta la Pizza

Hasta La Pizza!

July 12, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Until next time~ ♥

A -huge- thank you to Christopher Baldwin for allowing us to bird-nap Vachel for a couple months (!!) and bringing him into the nemu*universe to play with Anpan. Chris contributed some -amazing- jabs that really helped Vachel come to life in these strips.

If you ♥ Vachel, be sure to read all of his Little Dee adventures. Or maybe if Sci-Fi is more your speed, check out Spacetrawlers too. :D

* * *

O-M-P folks - Do yourself a favor and see Pacific Rim in the theaters! I went in with no expectations (or knowledge about the movie aside from the trailers) and was completely blown away with just how well-done a mecha/kaiju tribute it was.

And with that, while my brain continues to process all the amazing that it was, I bid you folks a great weekend! Next week starts a completely new story!

Comic Transcription

Hasta La Pizza!

Panel 1: Vachel decides it's time to say farewell. Anpan and Anise see him off by the window.
Vachel: Time to fly! Thanks for the generous hospitality!

Panel 2: Vachel hands Anpan a wrapped up cloth.
Vachel: Oh- By the way, I made a few gifts for you. I hope you like them.
Anpan: Gifts?

Panel 3: Vachel flies off into the sunset. Anpan waves goodbye and Anise is curious about the gifts!
Vachel: - Hasta la Vista! -
Anpan: Hasta la Pizza! Don't forgets to write!
Anise: GIFTS!

Panel 4: Anpan shows off his knitted Vulture hat that Vachel made for him.
Anise: It says: "Clan of the Claw Member." That's so cool!
Anpan: Look Ani! Anpan ish a VULTURE TOO!

Panel 5: Anise pulls out a knitted sweater
Anise: What's this? For ME? Wow! Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all.

Panel 6: Ani puts the sweater on.
Anise: Hey, it's a perfect fit!
Anpan: Oh.
Anise: Huh? What is it?

Panel 7: Anise takes a look in the mirror and realizes that the sweater says "TASTY MORSEL" on the back.