Episode 1067 - Compelled or Offended

Compelled or Offended

September 18, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Back to the pups for a little lesson in witches~

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Comic Transcription

Compelled or Offended

panel 1: The pups are mesmerized by Enchilada's story.
Anpan: Wha?! S-so wat happened? Was dat lady a WITCH?
Enchilada: Before Enchilada gets to dat, there's shome shtuffs you should know 'bout Witches. Ish hard to know who's a Witch. They're dangerous and cunning, so Galaxy Explorers must be vigilant! However, Witches also have a code of conduct that they are sworn to obey!
Nemu: Dis ish so shpookers!

panel 2: Enchilada starts to explain the rules.
Enchilada: Da first rule: Witches can only fly in designated air spaces. Too many flights got cancelled 'cause they clogged up commercial air space.
Anpan: Eh?

panel 3: Anpan's not sure he believes Enchilada.
Enchilada: Next- Witches are prohibited from using their magic for non-official Witch functions.
Anpan: Ish dis for real, or ish Enchilada making dis up??

panel 4: Enchilada tells the most important part…
Enchilada: Da third rule ish da most important! When asked, Witches are COMPELLED TO REVEAL THEMSELVES!
Kitsy: OR be potentially offended when asked, like me.

panel 5: but Kitsy interjects!
Nemu: Huh?
Kitsy: Nevermind.