Episode 1091 - Doesn't Count

Doesn't Count

November 29, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

You got three tries -- make 'em count!

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Comic Transcription

Doesn't Count

panel 1: Enchilada is standing on Anpan's head while Anpan stands on Nemu's head so Enchilada can reach the controls.
Computer: Enter passcode.
Enchilada: Alrighty! Enchilada only gots three tries to get dis right!
Anpan: Make it quick Fajita Face. You're kinda heavy!

panel 2: The computer denies him access.
Computer: Access denied.
Enchilada: WHOOPS! Caps lock was on. Let's try dat again.
Computer: Access denied.
Enchilada: Oops! Paw touched da screen by accident. Dat one doesn't count. Or does it?

panel 3: Kitsy starts to question if Enchilada can get her out.
Kitsy: WHOA WHOA WHOA! Didn't you just say you only have three tries?
Enchilada: Yups!
Kitsy: W-what happens if you get it wrong a THIRD TIME?!
Enchilada: Don't ask about shtuffs you don't REALLY wanna know about, Kitsy Ma'am!

panel 4: She starts to panic!
Enchilada: Don't yell at Enchilada! Pollo usually does all da techy shtuffs, not me!
Anpan: Wat exactly does a Galaxy Explorer DO?!