Episode 1092 - No Fighting

No Fighting

December 2, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Don't tick off the low pup on the totem pole!

Thanks to everyone who came to see us at the HUOA Craft Fair -- particularly those who braved the thunder and rain on Sunday. We have one last show this holiday season -- Moanalua High School's Winter Craft Fair on December 14th! I have a weekend to recuperate, so maybe I'll have a couple new items for sale. :3

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Comic Transcription

No Fighting

panel 1: The Enchilad and Anpan are stacked on Nemu's head arguing.
Enchilada: Galaxy Explorers are HEROES!
Anpan: Hey Hero! Your cape ish on backwards!
Enchilada: WHA? Ish not a cape! Ish a SCARF!

panel 2: Nemu shakes his head and they all fall.
Nemu: *shake* *shake*
Enchilada: GYAHHH!
Anpan: WHOOOA!

panel 3: Enchilada angrily asks Nemu why, but Nemu isn't in the mood to fight.
Enchilada: Why didja do dat?!
Nemu: Shtop wasting time fighting. Miss Kitsy needs our help! We need to figure out exactly how you gots here. It might give us a clue as to where Pollo ish! Maybe we should re-enact your story from da top.

panel 4: Enchilada explains his story again…
Enchilada: I already told you… Enchilada was gonna help Pollo, then he sluggeed me!

panel 5: Anpan has an idea!
Anpan: YEAH! Let's start right there! I'll play Pollo. Dis ish gonna be fun!

panel 6: Enchilada isn't too keen on that one.
Enchilada: Umm… How 'bout we skip dat part… and cut to da scene where I'm trapped in da sphere!