Episode 1093 - Orion Cuff

Orion Cuff

December 4, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Just what is that you've been hiding all these strips, Enchilada??

Holiday sale is still in effect until December 16th! Go Go Go!

Last show of the year is at Moanalua High School on December 14th! More info at the blog later this week~

Also, sad news -- My application for TCAF was declined. According to the organizers, they're looking bring in new exhibitors to keep the show fresh, which is totally understandable. So sorry, Canada folk! Maybe I'll have better luck next time!

Comic Transcription

Orion Cuff

panel 1: Nemu grabs hold of Enchilada's scarf...
Nemu: We're missing shometing. Hold shtill, kay?
Enchilada: Eh?

panel 2: And gives it a swift tug and spins Enchilada around!

panel 3: Enchilada is upset because he feels naked!
Enchilada: AIYAH! W-whadidja do?! Enchilada ish NEKKID!

panel 4: Nemu points out that Enchilada has something around his neck. What is it?
Nemu: Hey! Wat's dat?
Enchilada: Wat's WAT?
Nemu: DAT!

panel 5: Enchilad realizes that he put on the Orion Cuff and forgot all about it!
Enchilada: Ooh! Ish Baron Field's Orion Cuff! I totally forgots dat I put it on!
Anpan: Orion Cuff? Sounds cool! Wat does it do? How does it work?

panel 6: But he has no idea what it does!
Enchilada: Enchilada has no idea!