Episode 1094 - Baron Field

Baron Field

December 6, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Hero or cheat? Hrmm...

Happy Aloha Friday!

I have one weekend's rest before our next event at Moanalua High School -- which will also be our last of the year. :3

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Comic Transcription

Baron Field

panel 1: Enchilada explains to Anpan and Nemu what the Orion Cuff is.
Enchilada: All dis time, I thought it was POLLO dat made da transport sphere that saved Enchilada... But it was really the Orion Cuff!
Anpan: Okay, okay. So wat ish da Orion Collar?
Enchilada: Cuff!
Anpan: Watever.
Enchilada: Baron Field ish- was a famous General from da Avarian Legion.

panel 2: Baron Field faces impossible odds!
Enchilada: He was somehow always able to determine da most victorious path in any battle… even when da odds were against him! It was rumored dat it was due to da ORION CUFF and it's ability to stop time and jump dimensions. Then one day, da Baron disappeared…

panel 3: Nemu spells out what the cuff is really all about.
Enchilada: And da cuff has been missing- until now!
Nemu: So, ish like a portable time machine!

panel 4: And Anpan has his doubts.
Anpan: So dis Baron guy… He kinda cheated, didn't he?