Episode 1095 - Evidence


December 9, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

"Take That!" *points*

Okay, okay -- I've been playing Ace Attorney 4 to catch up and play the 5th game that released recently. :3 Knew it was going to work its way into the comic somehow. :3

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Comic Transcription


panel 1: Enchilada rises to defend a fellow Galaxy Explorer!
Enchilada: Baron Field wasn't a cheat! He was a Galaxy Explorer, a great General and A HERO!

panel 2: Anpan rises to prove it!
Enchilada: Just because da Galaxy Explorer Grand Council banned time travel doesn't mean he was a cheat!
Anpan: You just proved it! Baron Field was a CHEATER!

panel 3: Enchilada and Anpan argue...
Anpan: Cheat!
Enchilada: Hero!
Anpan: CHEAT!
Enchilada: HERO!

panel 4: Kitsy tries to calm them down.
Enchilada: Ahem! Let's not lose focus here, guys!