0162 Spring Cleaning
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Spring Cleaning

June 27, 2007| Permalink | Comic Archive

Uh oh. It's that time again. Anise and Kana ponder what to do about spring cleaning and it looks like the boys are prepared... or at least Nemu is!

Comic Transcription

Spring Cleaning

Panel 1: Anise rests her head in her hand while stirring the straw in her drink, eyes closed. Kana looks at her while holding her drink.
Anise: It's really that time, huh?
Kana:[whispering] The "B" word...

Panel 2: Anise opens her eyes and stops her hand. Kana sighs.
Kana: Yeah, Nemu really needs one...[to self] But I'm afraid of traumatizing him.

Panel 3: Anise looks over and points. Kana turns her head to look.
Anise: Oops! I think they heard us.

Panel 4: Nemu and Anpan are hanging inside a clear-red inflatable innertube. Nemu looks happy and is wearing swim goggles. Anpan shivers with a pained look on his face.
Nemu:[shouts] Nemu ready!

transcription by Matt Westberry