0163 Jan Ken Po
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Jan Ken Po

June 29, 2007| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise teaches the pups a new game, but maybe it's too difficult for them to play Jan Ken Po?

Comic Transcription

Jan Ken Po

Panel 1: Anise is kneeling with her hand in a fist. Nemu is standing in the red innertube. Anpan is standing beside it.
Anise: To keep things fair, we're gonna play Jan Ken Po. Winner chooses who goes into the botcha machine first!
Anpan:[quietly] Junk Po?
Nemu:[quietly] Play Game? Nemu like!

Panel 2: Anise's hand holds out her index and middle fingers. Anpan and Nemu's paws move around.
Anise: First, there's Scissors! Two fingers like this...
Anpan: Skizzorz!

Panel 3: Anise holds her palm down and spreads her fingers. The pups' paws move a bit.
Anise: Paper ~ spread 'em wide!

Panel 4: Anise makes a fist. The pups' paws move a bit.
Anise: And rock!
Kana: Is this really gonna work Anise?!

Transcription by Matt Westberry