0233 Real Food
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Real Food

January 30, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

The ordeal is finally done! Now Anise says she wants to eat some REAL food... but Kana has other plans...

Comic Transcription

Real Food

Panel 1: Anise, Anpan, Kana and Nemu standing outside of the Wiki Wiki Coconut Tiki. Anise is triumphant! Anpan is tucked inside Anise's jacket
Anise: Oh Hurrah! It's time for REAL FOOD!
Anpan: Ish Pizza time?!

Panel 2:Kana turns and starts looking at something on the wall of Wiki Wiki Coconut Tiki.
Anise: ?
Kana: ?

Panel 3:Kana points toward the sign on the wall of Wiki Wiki Coconut Tiki. Anise is getting upset.
Kana: Oh lookie here - They have pineapples on their pizza here!

Panel 4:Anise grabs Kana's hand and heads in the opposite direction.
Anise: NO!!!
Kana: How about pineapple fried rice?