Episode 321 - The Message

The Message

September 19, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's finally confirmed! Anise is the CHOSEN ONE! But chosen for what??

Comic Transcription

The Message

Panel 1: Anise looks around to see if anyone is watching her...

Panel 2: She nervously but carefully drops the needle down on the record player...

Panel 3: The record begins to speak to her!
Ghost of Technology Past: GrEEtiNgS ANiSe! aT LaST! mY SeaRcH foR A TrUE eVAnGelISt of cLAsSic TecHNologY hAS EnDeD... YoU ARe ThE ChOSeN ONe!

Panel 4:Anise is in shock!
Anise: Holy Space Cow... ME? W-what do I have to do??
Ghost of Technology Past: JuST Keep DOing WHat YoU'Re DoINg...