Episode 818 - Nemu of the Jungle

Nemu of the Jungle

November 21, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nemu crash-lands into a nearby tree, but as always, make the best of the situation!

Ahoy everyone!

We are down to our last two events of the year: the Island-wide Craft Expo at the Neil Blaisdell Center all Thanksgiving weekend, and Moanalua High School's Winter Craft Fair on December 10th. Some of our new merchandise is on its way (yet), so I hope to properly debut them this weekend!

Comic Transcription

Nemu of the Jungle

panel 1: Nemu's kite crashes into the tree!

panel 2: Nemu is left hanging on a tree branch.

panel 3: He grabs onto the tail of the kite...

panel 4: and swings

panel 5: down to a lower branch!

panel 6: He rumages around...

panel 7: and magically pulls out a sandwich!

panel 8: And suddenly hears some chicks in a nest right next to him!