Episode 827 - Uphill Climb

Uphill Climb

December 12, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nemu's got a his work cut out for him!

And so, Scott and I have finally crossed the proverbial finish line and completed all of our holiday shows for 2011! Thank you to everyone who came by to pick up stuff or say hello, despite the epic wind, rain, and sun.

So what's left for 2011?

First off, our holiday sale will be ending on December 15th -- just to make sure everyone gets their orders in time for Christmas. We reduced the prices on both of our Believe and Pollo Shower shirts, although note that quantities are limited for our popular sizes!

Second, we're at the halfway mark for our KickStarter project and not quite halfway there with our pledges! We certainly cannot do this without you, so if you would love to see a book for 2012, please consider a pledge or helping us out by sharing this project with your friends and family!

Like Nemu, we're aiming high and hope to reach the top! :D

Comic Transcription

Uphill Climb

panel 1: Nemu starts on his journey up the hill...

panel 2: He climbs...

panel 3: and struggles to get higher....

panel 4: Until he reaches the top... and discovers someone waiting for him!
Nemu: !