June 15, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Uh oh! The Yellow Jacket just might be in over her head!

I'll be away from the "office" for the next week, but no worries -- Scott will still be here to keep an eye on things. :D The comic will be updated as normal while I'm away - so you won't be left on another cliffhanger! ^^

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Yellow Jacket peers down into a room in Space Cow's lair.
Yellow Jacket: Infiltrating Space Cow's lair was a piece of cake.

panel 2: There she finds the Obsidian Sphere!
Yellow Jacket: The sphere was there... ripe for the picking.

panel 3: She uses her skills to break the encryption code to release it.
SFX: tap tap tap
Yellow Jacket: Got it!
Yellow Jacket: Like taking candy from a baby.

panel 4: But suddenly... the Obsidian Sphere melts into Yellow Jackets body!
Yellow Jacket: But then, something unexpected happened when I released the sphere from the containment field...
Yellow Jacket: WHA?!

panel 5: She panics but soon realizes she's not alone.
Yellow Jacket: The sphere and I became one. It fused with me!

panel 6: Space Cow enters the lair!
Yellow Jacket: SPACE COW!
Space Cow: Welcome... Agent Yellow Jacket...
Yellow Jacket: ...As if things couldn't possibly get worse, they did.