Episode 1028 - Home Accidents

Home Accidents

June 19, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Something's cookin'!

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Comic Transcription

Home Accidents

Panel 1: Anise is asleep.
Anise: *sniff*

Panel 2: She sits up in a panic.
Ani: Wha-?! Whazzat smell?!? FIRE!

Panel 3: She finds Vachel flipping pancakes in the kitchen while Anpan watches.
Ani: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! You'll set the house on fire!
Anpan: Vulture ish an awesome COOK!

Panel 4: Vachel turns to Anise with a plate full of pancakes.
Ani: I don't care if he's Julia Child! Vultures can't... Is that pancakes??

Panel 5: Vachel flips the pancakes in the air and tells Anpan...
Vachel: You know, Anpan, It's not too late to have her for breakfast. Eighty percent of fatal "accidents" occur in the home.
Anise: *munch* *munch* *munch* *munch*