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Chapter 1 - Away we go!

Two girls attempt to find some excitement on a boring day - and happen upon something far more than they expected! Be careful what you wish for!

Chapter 2 - The Boys

Introducing Anpan and Nemu, the LOLpups themselves! The girls and pups share their first night together at a sleepover at Kana's house.

Chapter 3 - A New Day, A New Start

Good morning! It's a new day and there's so much to learn about - flight and Henshin Rider, of course!

Chapter 4 - The Journey Home (for Anpan)

Parting is such sweet sorrow! Anise has to go home but Anpan seems unwilling to leave Nemu and Kana. A new home is sometimes the hardest thing to adjust to!

Chapter 5 - At Anise’s

Settling in isn't always easy, and making new "friends" can sometimes be a challenge. But friends can be made through adversity, right?

Chapter 6 - Karma

Anise learns the hard way, about the nature of karma.

Chapter 7 - Inspiration

It's time for Halloween and the girls need costumes for their class contest. What will Anise be this year?

Chapter 8 - Identity Crisis

What is Nemu? A pup? A bird? A bear? A Doctor?

Chapter 9 - Winter Nemuland

It's Christmastime in nemu*nemu land! The sights, smells, and sounds compel the cast to really get into the holiday spirit.

Chapter 10 - Hobbies

What does Kana do in her spare time? Aside from cook, clean, sew, and collect and customize dolls? Well, listen to Mimpii Club, of course!

Chapter 11 - Left Behind, Right Ahead

Anise leaves Anpan behind one late morning! What is a a lonely pup to do?

Chapter 12 - Breakin' Out

The pups dabble in a little magic and wagon free-wheeling!

KimonoKitsy Notes:
Chapters 13 - 22 chronicle the second year of nemu*nemu. These comics were also done in a vertical format that was later rearranged to be horizontal. This was the first year we started using color in our comics and it was also a time of experimenting with different drawing methods using both traditional media as well as digital.

Chapter 13 - A day at the Park

On a nice spring day, the girls and pups venture to the park for a picnic and some dog-training?

Chapter 14 - Luck and Chance

Gashapon and Jan Ken Po aren't games necessarily known for strategy, but we can all try, right?

Chapter 15 - Magic and Tricks

The Great Pizzaro returns, proving that "old dogs can do new tricks".

Chapter 16 - Cleaning and Cooking and Guests

The girls and pups take on a variety of jobs to see what first them best!

Chapter 17 - Enter the Nemesis

Every super hero needs an arch-enemy! Anise and Henshin Rider seem to have met their match!

Chapter 18 - Gingerbread and Puzzles

The pups learn about the difference between food and friends, and the magic of puzzles!

Chapter 19 - Trying New Things

New Years resolutions are challenged early on, while the pups learn about the creation of peanut butter!

Chapter 20 - Ye Scurvy Dogs!

Ahoy, mateys! Misunderstandings, mayhem and madness are abound as the pups pretend to be pirates!

Chapter 21 - A dogs life

The mysterious border collie pops up again. Just who owns this dog?

Chapter 22 - Vacations

Oh no! Last minute plans mean a summer of separation for the girls and pups!

KimonoKitsy Notes:
Chapter 23 to preset represents the ongoing third year of nemu*nemu!

Chapter 23 - The Pits

So Anise and Anpan are left behind while Kana and Nemu head out to Hawaii. What will the dynamic-duo do to keep busy??

Hawaiian Ai

Hawaiian Ai
Kana's finally living a life-long dream of traveling to Hawaii! What will she find there and will she want to return?

Chapter 24 - The Return!

The Return
Anise and Anpan have been patiently waiting for any kind of word from Kana and Nemu but haven't heard from them for a while. What's happened to them?

Chapter 25 - Nemuism

Nemu sure has a lot of adventures on his own! In this chapter we get to meet some of Nemu's friends as well as his nemesis.

Chapter 26 - Retro Love

Retro Love
Anise discovers her true calling after cleaning up her room!

Chapter 27 - Totally Zen

Introducting, The Great Shwamu... and Fro-yo!

Chapter 28 - Class Elections

Anise nominates Kana for class representative against Nemesis!

Chapter 29 - Winter Break and the Birdies Fly South

Nemu loves the birdies! What happens when one decides to pay him a visit?

Chapter 30 - Henshin Antics


The pups role play the return of Henshin Rider and Nemu tries to convince Kana that Pollo should live with them.

Chapter 31 - Flight


Nemu learns to fly with a little help from his friends.

Special: Sam

A story all about... Sam

Chapter 32 - Ani Mama


Anise is faced with caring for the pups all by herself!

Guest Comics - May 2009

Chapter 33 - Anpan Takes the Lead

431 Ranger Pan

Anpan meets Toasty then we go on an adventure with the Pup Scouts.

Chapter 34 - Showdown!


Anise and Nemesis have a run in at the comic shop!

Chapter 35 - Play Ball!

Chapter35 Frame

Kana battles her insecurities but will she be the winner?

Chapter 36 - Getting to Know the Pups

Chapter 36 Frame

Learn all about the pups and the world they live in.

Chapter 37 - Girl's Philosophy

Nemu Chapter 37

Dive into the minds of Anise and Kana...

Chapter 38 - Happy Holidays

521 Somebodys Watching Me Fp

The simple joys of the Holiday Season!

Chapter 39 - Don't Judge a Book...

Chapter39 Frame

Anpan and Nemu trade places so Anpan can be someone else.

Chapter 40 - Pizza Doodle Doo!

Chapter 40 - Pizza Doodle Doo!

The pups have dreams of flying in a rocket ship but their hopes are dashed! Anpan quickly resolves to have an adventure... and what an adventure it turns out to be! Henshin Pups! Space Cow! Natto Bug! The Yellow Jacket!

Chapter 41 - Much to do about Mr. Buns and Donuts

Chapter 41 - Much to do about Mr. Buns and Donuts

Mr. Buns has his day in the spotlight and Nemu discovers the joy of Donuts.

Chapter 42 - Henshin Expo

Chapter 42 - Henshin Expo

Henshin Expo, Pandas, Nemesis, Henshin Rider... OH MY!

Chapter 43 - Botcha Duck

Chapter 42 - Henshin Expo

Anpan makes a new friend that makes him think twice about taking a bath.

Chapter 44 - Introducing Enchilada!

Chapter44 Panel

Learn how Enchilada became known as the destroyer of worlds.

Chapter 45 - Valentine's Party

Chapter 45 - Valentine's Day Party

Nemesis nominates Kana to plan the class Valentine's Day Party, but can she pull it off?

Chapter 46 - Toasty Stories

707 Rise And Shine Fp

Toasty's back, and he's got STORIES!

Chapter 47 - Using the Force

Chapter 47 - Using the Force

The pups use the Force to have fun... and to stay out of trouble!

Chapter 48 - Birdie Rides

Chapter 48 - Birdie Rides

Anpan tries hard to find a birdie ride.

Chapter 49 - Social Networking

Chapter 49 - Social Networking

Anise is faced with a social dilemma!

Chapter 50 - Pizza Piece Theater

Chapter 50 - Pizza Piece Theater

Alistair Anpan presents tales of Heartbreak and Infinite Sadness!

Chapter 51 - Space/Time Continuum

Chapter 51 - Space/Time Continuum

Adventures in Time Travel with Enchilada and Pollo!

Chapter 52 - Hot Meal at Paco's

Chapter 52 - Hot Meal at Paco's

Enchilada and Pollo are hungry for a good meal! Paco's to the rescue!

Chapter 53 - Ghost Stories

Chapter 53 - Ghost Stories

Not all Ghosts are bad... sorta!

Chapter 54 - Nemu's Adventure

Chapter 54 - Nemu's Adventure

Nemu goes on a trip... via kite!

Chapter 55 - Career Day

Chapter 55 - Career Day

Anise decides to make career day a game changing experience.

Chapter 56 - Phantom Ice Cream Truck

Chapter 56 - Phantom Ice Cream Truck

What is the Phantom Ice Cream Truck?

Chapter 57 - Retirement is Hard Work!

Chapter 57 - Retirement is Hard Work!

They're not "loafers", they're retired... sorta.

Chapter 58 - Buzz Off Part One

Chapter 58 - Buzz Off Part One

Can Agent Yellow Jacket take control of the Obsidian Sphere before it takes her life?

Chapter 58.5 - Peanut Gallery

Chapter 58.5 - Peanut Gallery

Peanuts x nemu*nemu

Chapter 59 - Holiday Mystery

Chapter 59 - Holiday Mystery

Anise gets a mysterious gift from Nemesis!

Chapter 60 - The Troll from the Future and Other Stories

Chapter 60 - The Troll from the Future and Other Stories

Haircuts and Time Travel.

Chapter 61 - Tales of the Troll Dad

Chapter 61 - Tales of the Troll Dad

Bad memories and bubblegum!

Chapter 62 - Vulture Visit

Chapter 62 - Vulture Visit

Guest starring Vachel from Christopher Baldwin's Little Dee!

Chapter 63

Chapter 63 - Now Printing

Now Printing! More fun being made fresh for you!