Episode Guide

A listing of every single nemu*nemu comic ever published on this website. A director's cut of sorts…

KimonoKitsy Notes:
Chapter 1 - 12 chronicles the first year of nemu*nemu. The comics presented online have been reformatted from the original 4-koma vertical format to the standard horizontal comic strip format.

Chapter 1 - Away we go!


Two girls attempt to find some excitement on a boring day - and happen upon something far more than they expected! Be careful what you wish for!

Chapter 2 - The Boys


Introducing Anpan and Nemu, the LOLpups themselves! The girls and pups share their first night together at a sleepover at Kana's house.

Chapter 4 - The Journey Home (for Anpan)


Parting is such sweet sorrow! Anise has to go home but Anpan seems unwilling to leave Nemu and Kana. A new home is sometimes the hardest thing to adjust to!

Chapter 5 - At Anise’s


Settling in isn't always easy, and making new "friends" can sometimes be a challenge. But friends can be made through adversity, right?

Chapter 7 - Inspiration


It's time for Halloween and the girls need costumes for their class contest. What will Anise be this year?

Chapter 10 - Hobbies


What does Kana do in her spare time? Aside from cook, clean, sew, and collect and customize dolls? Well, listen to Mimpii Club, of course!

KimonoKitsy Notes:
Chapters 13 - 22 chronicle the second year of nemu*nemu. These comics were also done in a vertical format that was later rearranged to be horizontal. This was the first year we started using color in our comics and it was also a time of experimenting with different drawing methods using both traditional media as well as digital.

Chapter 13 - A day at the Park


On a nice spring day, the girls and pups venture to the park for a picnic and some dog-training?

Chapter 15 - Magic and Tricks


The Great Pizzaro returns, proving that "old dogs can do new tricks".

Chapter 17 - Enter the Nemesis


Every super hero needs an arch-enemy! Anise and Henshin Rider seem to have met their match!

Chapter 18 - Gingerbread and Puzzles


The pups learn about the difference between food and friends, and the magic of puzzles!

Chapter 20 - Ye Scurvy Dogs!


Ahoy, mateys! Misunderstandings, mayhem and madness are abound as the pups pretend to be pirates!

Chapter 21 - A dogs life


The mysterious border collie pops up again. Just who owns this dog?

Chapter 22 - Vacations


Oh no! Last minute plans mean a summer of separation for the girls and pups!

KimonoKitsy Notes:
Chapters 23 - 31 chronicle the third year of nemu*nemu. In our third year, we started to play around with the format of the comic panels. It was the official end of the 4-koma vertical style of strips and opened us up to a whole new way of storytelling.

Chapter 24 - The Return!

The Return

Anise and Anpan have been patiently waiting for any kind of word from Kana and Nemu but haven't heard from them for a while. What's happened to them?

Chapter 25 - Nemuism


Nemu sure has a lot of adventures on his own! In this chapter we get to meet some of Nemu's friends as well as his nemesis.

Chapter 29 - Winter Break and the Birdies Fly South

Nemu loves the birdies! What happens when one decides to pay him a visit?

Chapter 30 - Henshin Antics


The pups role play the return of Henshin Rider and Nemu tries to convince Kana that Pollo should live with them.


Chapter 31 - Flight


Nemu learns to fly with a little help from his friends.

KimonoKitsy Notes:
SAM was one of three black-and-white short stories drawn for a mini comic collection called “Pup Fiction.” This story is completely from Sam’s point-of-view.

Special: Sam

A story all about... Sam

KimonoKitsy Notes:
Chapters 32 - 39 chronicle the fourth year of nemu*nemu. In the fourth year, we started to be more ambitious about the stories we told. Little less “episodic” and more adventurous and introspective!

KimonoKitsy Notes:
Chapter 39 Includes a short fairytale, made especially for Anpan. (It is a must-read!).

KimonoKitsy Notes:
Chapters 40 - 45 chronicle the fifth year of nemu*nemu. This was also the year we decided to change up the comic sizing and format, experimenting with full page and half page sizes.

Chapter 41 - Much to do about Mr. Buns and Donuts

Chapter 41 - Much to do about Mr. Buns and Donuts

Mr. Buns has his day in the spotlight and Nemu discovers the joy of Donuts.

KimonoKitsy Notes:
Chapters 46 - 54 chronicle the sixth year of nemu*nemu. In our sixth year, we were totally ambitious with our stories and how we told them, including watercolor comics and the reintroduction of Enchilada, all collected in our very own crowd-funded book!

Chapter 48 - Birdie Rides

Chapter 48 - Birdie Rides

Anpan tries hard to find a birdie ride.

Chapter 49 - Social Networking

Chapter 49 - Social Networking

Anise is faced with a social dilemma!

Chapter 51 - Space/Time Continuum

Chapter 51 - Space/Time Continuum

Adventures in Time Travel with Enchilada and Pollo!

Chapter 52 - Hot Meal at Paco's

Chapter 52 - Hot Meal at Paco's

Enchilada and Pollo are hungry for a good meal! Paco's to the rescue!

KimonoKitsy Notes:
Chapters 55 - 59 chronicle the seventh year of nemu*nemu. A year of introspective comics and world-building and exploring!

Chapter 55 - Career Day

Chapter 55 - Career Day

Anise decides to make career day a game changing experience.

KimonoKitsy Notes:
Chapter 58 "Special Delivery" is an unusal one. It's partly a continuation of Chapter 40 and our first full page, long form story. Part 1 was originally published online in 2012. Part 2 didn't arrive until February 10, 2015. Part 2 concluded on July 14, 2016, a whole half a year later. Rather than have a disjointed story, we decided to post-date Part 2 right after Part 1 for continuity sake. The entire story was collected in book form, available in our nemu*nemu Shop

Chapter 58 - Special Delivery

Chapter 58 - Special Delivery

Can Agent Yellow Jacket take control of the Obsidian Sphere before it takes her life?

KimonoKitsy Notes:
Chapters 60 - the first half of chapter 63 chronicle the eigth year of nemu*nemu. The eighth year was split into two groups. The first half included some of our most favorite stories to date, and a collaboration comic with fellow comic artist, Christopher Baldwin.

KimonoKitsy Notes:
The second half of chapter 63 chronicles the ninth year of nemu*nemu. Chapter 63 is our second attempt at epic, long-form storytelling, with a slow and familiar start, but quickly ramps up into quite the adventure with Anpan, Nemu, and Enchilada all together for the first time!

KimonoKitsy Notes:
Our present day comic adventures! Join us for a variety of stories, vignettes, and musings!